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  1. Acapulco Rice to Blackeyed Peas And Rice
  2. Boiled Rice to Crusty Persian Rice With Cinnamon And Pistachio
  3. Cumin Rice & Black Beans to Fried Rice with Eggs
  4. Fried Rice With Ground Beef to Jolof Rice
  5. Kai’s Unfried Rice to Mushroom Rice
  6. Mushroom Rice to Portabella Mushroom Risotto
  7. Portobello Barley Risotto to Rice Tart
  8. Rice Uruguayan to Risotto With Mushrooms And Asparagus
  9. Risotto with Mushrooms, Olives, & Leeks (Pressure Cooked) to Sekiban (Red-Cooked Festival Rice)
  10. Sesame Vegetable Rice to Spicy Rice
  11. Spicy Rice to Vidalia Onion Risotto With Feta Cheese
  12. Watercress with Rice and Beans to Yellow Rice with Raisins

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