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  Categories: Meats, Main dish
       Yield: 1 servings
       4 ts Coarse (kosher) salt
   1 3/4 ts Ground black pepper
       3 tb Hungarian (sweet) paprika
       1 ts Marjoram
     1/2 ts Savory
       3 ts Garlic, minced fine
      10 oz Beef shin,1/2“dice,chilled
      14 oz Fresh pork fat,1/2”dice>>>
     1/3 c  Ice water
   1 1/4 lb Lean,trimmed pork,1"dice>>>>
   Mix together in small bowl, salt, pepper, paprika,
   marjoram, savory, and garlic.  In food processor,
   combine half the beef, half the pork fat, half the ice
   water, and half the mixed seasonings.  Process very
   Mix remaining ingredients together in bowl, and then
   process mixture 1/2 at a time to coarse grind.  Mix
   all together in bowl, cover, refrigerate for 24 hrs.
   Stuff casings using sausage stuffer, or horn attached
   to meat grinder. Tie links 10 to 30 inch lengths
   depending on preference.  Hang sausages in cool, airy
   place to dry to touch or simply refrigerate uncovered
   for 24 hrs.  Hold in refrig. for up to 3 days.  Freeze
   for longer storage.
   Cook in usual manner.  Yield: abt. 2 3/4 lbs.