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Search tips for title search:

Listing more than one word finds recipes with at least one of the words in the title
Example: Search for cream cheese to find dishes with cream and/or cheese in the title
Use + to mark a word as required.
Example: Search for +cream +cheese to find dishes with both cream and cheese in the title
Use - to not show recipes matching a word
Example: Search for cream -cheese, to find dishes with cream, but not cheese, in the title
Use " to enclose a phrase to be searched for
Example: Search for "cream cheese" to find dishes with cream cheese

About our search engine:

We've dropped our old search engine in favor of a much faster one that we've written ourselves and which will be customized to recipe searching. While we plan to add more search capabilities in the future, for now it is limited to searching recipe names (which is what we found most people were searching for anyway).

In the future we plan to add searching by ingredients, keywords, and other useful characteristics.